Pass a drug test using home remedies (with pictures)

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Pass a drug test using home remedies (with pictures)
Pass a drug test using home remedies (with pictures)

Video: Pass a drug test using home remedies (with pictures)

Video: Pass a drug test using home remedies (with pictures)
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The unthinkable has happened. You have been informed that you will have to pass a drug test within a few weeks, days, or a few hours from now, and the joint is barely in your mouth. Don't panic. Depending on your drug test and the drugs in your body, there may be a home remedy that can improve your chances.


Part 1 of 2: Understand the Basics Before Using a Home Remedy

Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 1
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 1

Step 1. Know the most important facts about the drug test

The drug tests are often part of a recruitment test. In the United States, certain government agencies are required by law to conduct drug control. The private companies have more freedom in deciding whether to carry out the test or not. The drug tests test the current chemical in the drug or one of its variations (the chemicals the body makes when it processes the drug). Often times, tests are done to look for these chemicals in urine, blood (or other body fluids), and / or hair.

  • A variation of the test is available for employers who can choose very carefully how they want to carry out the control with a more or less thorough test. In the United States, the simplest drug test is the test issued by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for certain government agencies. This test looks for:

    • Amphetamines (methamphetamine, amphetamine, ecstasy (MDMA))
    • Cocaine (powder and the "crack" variation)
    • THC (marijuana, hash, edible cannabis products)
    • Opiates (heroin, opium, codeine, morphine)
    • Phencyclidine (PCP, Angeldust)
  • Employers often control other drugs as well. The drug tests can be expensive for the employer - the more drugs an employer has checked, the more expensive the test can be. A company that hires many people and tests all possible applicants may not be able to run a comprehensive test that costs more than € 70 per applicant.
  • Of course, the best way to pass the drug test is not to use drugs for as long as possible before the test.
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 2
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 2

Step 2. Know the law

Ironically, the law offers drug and alcohol users a variety of protections when applying for a job. The American Disabled People Act (ADA) has a number of benefits that can help you:

  • The ADA makes it illegal for an employer to test a potential applicant for drugs without having made him a specific job offer. This means that the drug test cannot be required of you until you have received a proper offer. Because not every applicant is offered a job, it reduces the chances of you being tested for the job you applied for. The Severely Disabled Persons Act also prevents the withholding of a job offer due to an alcohol test.
  • The Disabled Persons Act also says that you cannot be discriminated against by potential employers based on past drug tests. The good news is that your past drug problems cannot be used against you. Employers can reject your application if they believe you are currently a drug user.
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 3
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 3

Step 3. Know the "latitude" for the drugs you use

There are various test methods for employers. The most common are hair, blood, or urine tests. Each test has different "time windows" during which it can detect the presence of the drug. See the table below:

Amphetamines 1-3 days 12 hours up to 90 days
Methamphetamine 3-5 days 1-3 days up to 90 days
Ecstasy (MDMA) 3 to 4 days 3 to 4 days up to 90 days
cannabis 3-4 days for light consumption and up to 30 days for heavy consumption and consumers with a high percentage of body fat 2-3 days for light consumption and up to 2 weeks for heavy consumption up to 90 days
cocaine 2-5 days (up to 10 days with heavy consumption) 2-10 days up to 90 days
Morphine 2-4 days 1-3 days up to 90 days
Methadone 7-10 days 24 hours up to 90 days
PCP 3-7 with light consumption, up to 30 days with heavy consumption 1 to 3 days up to 90 days

Part 2 of 2: Try the home remedies

Antidotes for urine tests

Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 4
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 4

Step 1. Get a little help from a friend

Unless you are summoned by the court, a regular employer cannot watch you when you give your urine sample. This gives you the opportunity to pass the drug test in the safest, most effective way possible. Give the urine from a drug-free friend.

  • Make sure it's relatively fresh. If you don't use it for a few days after handing it over, it should be kept in the refrigerator.
  • Make sure to warm the urine to body temperature before giving the sample. The best option is to wear the sample directly on your skin for a few hours before you have to hand it in. Try taping a pouch on your thigh so that you can easily access it when you need to hand in your sample.
  • If you're a woman, you can carry a sealed condom full of clean urine in your vagina and discreetly puncture it with your fingernail when you need to collect your sample.
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 5
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 5

Step 2. Use a synthetic urine substitute

There are various synthetic urine replacement products in the form of powder or liquid available commercially or on the Internet. These replacement products are manufactured in a laboratory. They are warmed up normally and stored in a small bottle. Give them up instead of your own urine.

This could potentially be exposed if the laboratory decides to test the sample for it. You should therefore use these products with caution

Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 6
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 6

Step 3. Drink lots of water

A common home remedy is drinking massive amounts of water a few days before the test or on the day of the test. In this way, the traces of the drug can be flushed out of the urinary tract. Complete removal is rather uncommon, but the traces will definitely be diluted for the urine test. Because most tests require a minimum of concentration to be positive, there is actually a slight advantage to this method.

  • Note that some tests also test the metabolite creatine in your urine. If this concentration of the naturally occurring metabolite is not high enough, it may be suspected that you have diluted your urine. To counter this effect, you can consume a lot of red meat or take a creatine powder. You should start this three days before the test. This will increase creatine levels so much that you are unlikely to be caught if you've diluted your urine.
  • Some urine tests also take color into account. Very light or clear urine may indicate dilution, whereas yellow urine is considered normal. You should take around 50-100 mg of a B2 or B12 complex an hour before the test to give your urine a more intense yellow color.
  • Do not exaggerate. Drinking too much water can cause water poisoning, which can be fatal. Trust in your body. If you feel uncomfortable, you should stop drinking.
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 7
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 7

Step 4. Follow a diet and exercise

If your drug of choice is marijuana and you are also overweight, losing weight prior to testing can improve your chances. The metabolites of THC (the active substance in marijuana) are stored in your fat cells. Therefore, the substance can be detected longer in people with a high percentage of body fat. Lower your body fat through diet and exercise. You can benefit from drug tests in the long term.

If the test is imminent, it would be better not to go hungry to improve your chances. Weight loss takes time and so does the amount of body fat. It will be impossible to lose the amount of body fat that would make a difference in a week or two. You will likely just put yourself in a bad mood without improving your chances

Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 8
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 8

Step 5. Take a diuretic like cranberry juice

A diuretic is a drug that stimulates the production of urine. Some home remedy recommendations assume that stimulating urine production stimulates the "flushing" of metabolites in the urinary tract. This method is not supported by scientific evidence. The claims that the cranberry juice flushes out your body system are not proven.

  • Slightly better use of the diuretic can be achieved in conjunction with one of the methods described above for dilution to stimulate generous urine production.
  • Coffee, herbal tea, beer and iced teas are also diuretic agents.
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 9
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 9

Step 6. Know which applications will not work

Many home remedies will not affect your results, even if they are touted as miracle cures. Don't waste your time or money:

  • Ingesting niacin. There's no scientific evidence that niacin is helpful in passing a urine or blood test. Additionally, high doses of niacin can lead to skin problems such as itching. (At very high doses, the niacin can be harmful to the liver.)
  • Diluting the urine with ammonia or bleach. These chemicals are acidic or basic, and they change the pH of your urine. However, they are not known to remove the drug's metabolites from your urine. In addition, the tester can tell in the laboratory from the smell, the composition and the appearance that you have manipulated the sample.

    Never drink the bleach. It's poisonous and can kill you

  • Add Visine to the urine. In the presence of Visine, the falsified negative results are only shown for the THC metabolites, the EMIT-d.a.u. and achieved the Tdx canabinoid studies. Visine also decreases 9-carboxy-THC as measured in the Abuscreen study. In the case of a low concentration of Visine, the false negative canabinoid results can be attributed to the substance benzalkonium chloride in the Visine. The Visine could not be detected in a routine test of the urinalysis and it had no effect on the activity of the glucose-6-phosphates in the dehydrogenase of the conjunction, which in the EMIT-d.a.u. Investigations were applied. The analyzes using the gas chromatograph or the mass spectrometer also showed no chemical change or loss of 9-carboxy-THC in the urine sample falsified with Visine. However, the Visine had increased the adhesion of the 9-carboxy-THC to the borosilicate glass containers of the sample. The result of the studies with an ultrafiltration with Visine appears that the 9-carboxy-THC partitions are produced between the soluble substances and the micelles and therefore the availability of the 9-carboxy-THC is justified in the antibody-based studies.
  • Take turmeric. Goldenseal is an herb whose roots are used to make herbal medicines. It won't affect the result of your urine test. This false assumption comes from a novella by a pharmacist named John Uri Lloyd's Stringtown on the Pike, where the spice was used to falsify a test for streak nin.
  • Take pectin. The pectin is a naturally occurring chemical in certain plants. This substance is often used in jams and jellies. Many anecdotes claim that the pectin coats either the stomach wall or the bladder wall, preventing the drug metabolites from passing through. Neither of these assumptions is supported by scientific evidence.
  • Put salt in your urine. The salt will have no effect on the level of drug metabolites in the urine. This method also has a stark effect. If the salt is not dissolved, it will sink to the bottom of the sample and can be easily identified. Use your common sense and don't worsen your chances by sprinkling salt in your sample.

Antidote for a blood test

Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 10
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 10

Step 1. Know the blood test test window

The blood tests usually have a very short window of time to detect drugs. They are usually used to detect drugs that are present in the body system rather than looking for metabolites. They are often used immediately after an accident to see if you are under the influence of any substances.

  • The blood tests will always test for alcohol levels after an accident, which is detectable for a day or less.
  • Therefore, the best way to pass a blood test is to stop using the alcohol and drugs for a day or two before taking the test. For many drugs, that's as long as it takes the traces of the drug to leave your system.
  • The blood tests are the most expensive of all drug tests. Because of this, and the short time it takes to detect it, it is unlikely that you will have to take a blood test as part of a recruitment test.
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 11
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 11

Step 2. Know that the blood tests are often done with the urine tests

The blood tests are used to determine drug or alcohol consumption at the time of the test, whereas the urine test looks for drugs in the period of time preceding the accident. See Method Two above for the antidotes to a urine test.

Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 12
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 12

Step 3. Know the differences between different methods of taking drugs

The drugs can often be consumed in a number of ways. This can affect the detectable levels of the drugs in the bloodstream. THC is the active substance in marijuana, reaching very high levels an hour after smoking marijuana. If you eat the "edible" marijuana, four hours after ingestion you will have a significantly lower and more gradual curve for your THC levels in your blood.

  • In general, the methods of ingesting the drug that get you high the fastest, such as sniffing, smoking and injecting, result in higher and faster concentrations in the blood than the "slower" methods like oral intake.
  • With this knowledge, you can plan your drug use so that you avoid the longer-acting methods in the days leading up to the test.
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 13
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 13

Step 4. Think about a commercial antidote, but you should also understand the risks involved

There are a variety of herbal supplements available online. They are touted as "detoxifying" your blood and they improve your chances of passing the test. The claims about the mode of action are made without the basis of scientific evidence. You should be skeptical about these expensive options.

The homemade combinations of herbs are subject to the same problems. There is no scientific evidence of its effectiveness. In addition, they are not subject to any quality test because they are made at home. They can be impure or incorrectly dosed. Be especially careful with what are known as "home remedies"

Antidote to a hair test

Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 14
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 14

Step 1. Know the time window for the hair tests

Of all the tests, the hair test has the longest time to detect drugs. For most and frequently tested drugs, the hair test is able to detect the drug for up to 90 days after consumption. That depends on the frequency of consumption.

Although the hair test looks for the presence of drug metabolites in the hair above the hair root, there is a time window of several days after taking the drug in which the metabolites are detectable in the hair root under the skin but not above the skin. The hair test may miss the drugs that have been used in the past 5 to 7 days

Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 15
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 15

Step 2. Consider getting your hair cut

The hair tests usually require a hair cut from the side of the head or the nape of the neck with a length of 2.5 cm to 4 cm that is cut as close to the hair root as possible.. This hair length is required to test your consumption over the past 90 days. In theory, if your hair is shorter, your sample can provide evidence for a shorter length of time.

This can end badly for you too. If the hair on your head is too short, the tester can ask for a hair sample from another part of the body, such as the armpits or chest, etc. Because the body hair grows more slowly than the scalp hair, a 4 cm long hair sample can be used to detect a longer time window than a sample of the scalp hair

Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 16
Pass a Drug Test With Home Remedies Step 16

Step 3. Try a shady hair treatment

Know that most testing labs don't test a hair sample for fake because no falsifications are known that would affect the test result of the hair sample. Your home remedy may not be that easy to determine, but there is also very little evidence (if any) that it works.

  • Buy a shampoo to treat your hair. You can find a wide variety of hair treatments online that are available to improve your chances of passing a drug test. This can be very expensive and none of these products have been scientifically tested for their effectiveness. If you want to try any of these products, you should choose a product with a money-back guarantee.
  • Try an improvised hair wash. See our "Passing a Hair Test" guide and try one of the commonly used home recipes for your hair. All home recipes for passing a hair test are only supported by hearsay. None of these have been backed up by any scientific study.


  • Very few (if any) home remedies have been scientifically proven. Don't invest too much emotional faith in the promised mode of action.
  • Of course, the best way to pass a drug test is not to use drugs for a long time before the test.


  • Do not try any other remedy that involves the consumption of dangerous substances. For example, ingesting household cleaners can kill you. The only job you qualify for is looking at the radishes from below.
  • Attempting to fake a drug test can be criminal and subject to penalties. It depends on where you live. Consult your local laws if you are not sure.